WebFax Tutorial

Managing Faxes

Your NetSolutions WebFax acts as your fax machine for incoming faxes. Callers send faxes to your NetSolutions WebFax, which recognizes the call as a fax and stores it for you. You may then access the fax via the Web. Faxing Highlights:

  • WebFax will store a maximum of 1024 faxes before becoming full and rejecting incoming faxes. Make sure to delete unwanted faxes.
  • WebFax will store your faxes for 90 days before automatically deleting faxes older than 90 days.
  • Forward received faxes to any fax machine via the web
  • View faxes via your Web account in a variety of formats.
  • Forward received faxes via email

Web Interface

To manage faxes via the Web:
  1. Go to www.intermedia.net/netsolutionslogin.
  2. Enter your NetSolutions WebFax and PIN.
  3. To view a fax, click the icon representing the format you wish to view your fax (.JPG, .TIFF or .PDF).
  4. To forward a fax, click the Forward button and enter the email address or Mitel NetSolutions phone number of the recipient.
If forwarding via email, you will be presented with an email form to fill out.